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Tubing & Piping

Young Things Titanium is  an AS9100D as well as PED certified Titanium Supplier.

Tubing & Piping

  • Ti Tube Standards: ASTM B338, B861, B862, DIN 17 861, AMS 4941, AMS 4942
  • Grades: Gr1,2,5((6%Al-4%V), 7 (Ti-0.12~0.25%Pd), 9 (3%Al-2.5%V),12(0.3%Mo-0.8Ni)
  • Tube Type: Welded Tube / Seamless Tube
  • Seamless Tube Dimensions:Outer Diameter Range: 0.4 – 340 mm/Wall Height Range: 0.4 – 10 mm/Length Range: < 18000 mm
  • Welded Tube Dimensions:Outer Diameter Range: 90 – 5,000 mm/Wall Height Range: 0.5mm – 50mm/Length Range: < 15000 mm
  • Surface Finishes:Pickling,Polishing,Sand-blasting
  • Tube Shapes:Round,Square,Rectangular,Special Shape
  • Industry Application:Chemical Industry,Marine Engineering,Aerospace,Medical,Power Generation,Automotive

*Our titanium welded pipes are produced with a single continuous weld seam and undergo 100% X-ray testing and liquid penetrant testing!

Ordering Information

The choice between using seamless titanium pipes or welded titanium pipes depends on the application and required size. Seamless titanium pipes generally offer higher strength and pressure capabilities, while welded pipes provide more options in terms of size and shape. If you already know which type you need, please contact us immediately.

Titanium Seamless Tube Sizes & Standards

DimensionOuter DiameterThicknessLength
Size Range0.5mm – 330mm0.4mm – 10mmMax 15m
Manufacturing StandardsASTM B338, ASTM B861,DIN 17 861

Titanium Welded Tube Sizes & Standards

DimensionOuter DiameterThicknessLength
Size Range114mm – 20000mm0.5mm – 50mmMax 15m
Manufacturing StandardsASTM B338, ASTM B862
The table above provides the series of pipes we manufacture and supply. We also designate many orders according to NPS standards and provide custom sizes. The selection of welded or seamless pipes primarily depends on the pipe’s dimensions and application. It is necessary to specify whether the pipes are welded or seamless, as well as the surface treatment and manufacturing standards. Titanium pipes are available in both seamless and welded types, with different dimensional ranges.

Frequently Asked Questions
What additional services do you offer?2024-07-17T17:47:16+08:00

In addition to standard products, we offer a range of additional processing services to meet customers’ specific needs. These services include cutting, drilling, bending, and welding. We have advanced equipment and a professional technical team to ensure high-quality custom processing services that cater to various application requirements.

Do your products have international certifications?2024-07-17T17:46:48+08:00

Yes, our products have obtained several international certifications, including ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification, NORSOK M-650 Certification, CE Certification, and CNAS Certification. We can also conduct third-party testing and certification based on customer requirements to ensure our products meet the quality and performance standards of the global market.

Do you provide product inspection reports?2024-07-17T17:46:16+08:00

Yes, every batch of our products undergoes strict quality inspection before leaving the factory. We provide detailed product inspection reports, including chemical composition analysis and mechanical performance testing. The reports ensure that our products meet customer requirements and international standards, providing quality assurance to our customers.

Are your products environmentally friendly?2024-07-17T17:45:43+08:00

Yes, our titanium and titanium alloy products comply with international environmental standards. During production, we strictly adhere to environmental regulations to minimize environmental impact. We are committed to sustainable development, ensuring that our products and manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly.

How do you manage production schedules?2024-07-18T10:00:46+08:00

We use advanced production management systems to manage production schedules. These systems track production progress in real-time, optimize resource allocation, and ensure that every order is completed on time. Additionally, we regularly review and adjust production plans to optimize processes and meet customer delivery requirements.

Do you provide technical support and after-sales service?2024-07-17T18:41:50+08:00

Yes, we provide comprehensive technical support and after-sales service. Our experienced staff can offer technical support and guidance on the correct use, installation, and maintenance of our titanium products, ensuring that customers can fully benefit from our products. After-sales service includes handling product quality issues and providing technical consultations.

What to do if goods damaged in transit?2024-07-18T11:16:13+08:00

If your goods are damaged during transportation, please contact our customer service team immediately and provide photos and relevant documents of the damage. We will assist you with the claims process according to our insurance policy and the specific situation, ensuring your rights are protected.

How to handle shipping during holidays/non-working hours?2024-07-18T11:20:18+08:00

We understand that customers may have urgent shipping needs during holidays or outside of working hours. Our customer service team and logistics partners will make every effort to arrange shipping to meet your time requirements. Please inform us of your special needs in advance so that we can better coordinate and arrange the shipment.

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